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2024-03-12 Release Notes


March 12, 2024


44 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • UCC Data Hub and Profiles Portal Work

  • Internal fixes and enhancements

All updates for this release

Access Control Policies

  • API-1776 Bug - get_validator_information always checks for minister validator


  • UPD-34 Story - Update the URL when publishing a download

Field Manager

  • API-1764 Story - Make "belongs-to" fields editable

  • API-1768 Story - Update the `referenceField` for Conference Finance resource

  • API-1772 Story - Change `belongs-to` type to `foreign-key`

  • API-1777 Story - Field Manager enhancements for Conference Finances

  • API-1787 Story - Field Manager enhancements for Association Finances/Other Finances


  • ENG-2689 Bug - There is not a space between the column header and first fund name on mobile view


  • ENG-2796 Bug - Private Groups selected are not showing up in Engage if it is a Code instead of a Group

  • API-1788 Story - Add endpoint to return all groups for engage

Master Coding System

  • API-1763 Story - Render fgmastercode for contact component

Suran Web Framework

  • ENG-2703 Story - Ability to manage contacts

  • ENG-2757 Story - Large screen users receive 3 col layout in List Detail view

UCC Data Hub

  • ENG-2789 Bug - Some Church Finance data doesn't show in the View version

  • API-1745 Story - Add API resources for Conference staff

  • API-1746 Story - Add API resources for Association staff

  • API-1748 Story - Add resource link for conference staff

  • API-1749 Story - Add resource link for Association staff

  • API-1766 Story - Change Contacts to Contact Information

  • API-1770 Story - Show Contact Component in Association/Church/Multi-conference page

  • API-1779 Story - Grouping expenses

  • API-1789 Story - Remove params for Categories for Just World Covenant

  • ENG-2670 Story - Build conference finances route

  • ENG-2671 Story - Build conference finances page

  • ENG-2792 Story - Polish Conference Details page

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-2629 Bug - Clicking on a Menu option from the left sidebar cuts off Title of Section.

  • ENG-2776 Bug - Top navigation menu bar covers submenu on Staff local church profile page

  • API-1740 Story - Save Uploaded ARDA/MI file in Database and Return rest of Doc

  • API-1771 Story - API changes for ENG-2771

  • API-1773 Story - Ability to save/fetch digital worship info for local church profile

  • ENG-2621 Story - Allow Validators to View/Download a Draft

  • ENG-2680 Story - Remove ARDA and MissionInsite text from 11-Year Report Section.

  • ENG-2681 Story - The Ability to Add/View/Download ARDA/MI Uploaded File

  • ENG-2682 Story - Add Text to ARDA/MissionInsite Section on Standard Profile

  • ENG-2699 Story - In Edit Mode, add hyperlink to Just World Covenants text under Community Vision

  • ENG-2706 Story - Digital Worship Attendance Question and Survey

  • ENG-2707 Story - Change "Submit Changes" button text to "Submit for Validation"

  • ENG-2713 Story - Standard and Short Form Text Polishes

  • ENG-2715 Story - Update Example Website Types

  • ENG-2739 Story - Add Yes/No Radio button to the question, "Are capital and other payments current?

  • ENG-2740 Story - Increase character limit for "Describe all buildings owned by church"

  • ENG-2741 Story - Building Accessibility Checklist

  • ENG-2771 Story - Local Church Profiles Text Changes

  • ENG-2790 Story - Add Upload picture options for building on Standard Form

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