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CDM+ Essentials

Welcome to CDM+ Essentials! These articles and videos are designed to help you navigate and learn how you can get the most out of your Essentials platform.


Essentially Yours Online Training Conference 2024

The Essentially Yours: CDM+ Essentials Online Training Conference (August 13 – 14, 2024) is designed to educate and empower users, leaving you with a deeper ...

Getting Started

See a list of steps to take to Get Started with CDM+ Essentials!


Learn how to add and remove admins for your CDM+ account and how to adjust permissions for each user.

Engage Settings

Customize the look and feel of your giving pages, get your giving link's QR code, see your transactions in real time, customize your email notifications and more!

Managing Donors and their Donations

Update a donor's address, add a new donation, edit a payment method and more!

Managing Events and Event Reports

Create an Event Record to manage Event Registrations, utilize Web Ministry Tools to create online registration links, and create reports to track your event's progress.

Managing Funds

Learn how to create new funds and create giving links.

Online Statements

These support articles will provide you with the steps to create and deliver statements to your donors for donations made in a timeframe you specify.

Preparing and Producing Reports

Learn how to create and customize reports to get the data that you need.

Common Trouble-Shooting and other Tips & Tricks

Find step by step instructions for common questions and tips and tricks.

Connecting eKyros to CDM+

Learn how to integrate eKYROS with CDM+ to smoothly import donations.

Connecting CoolFocus to CDM+

Learn how to integrate CoolFocus with CDM+ to smoothly import donations.

Stewardship Migration

Learn all about the migration from Stewardship to CDM+

Getting Started

See a list of steps to take to Get Started with CDM+ Essentials!

Step by Step Guides

See examples and suggestions on some of the best ways to use the features of CDM+.

Terms and Policies

Read about CDM+ hosting policies and software terms and conditions. Hosting Policies Terms and Conditions Payment Processing


To download a version of CDM+ go to, . Please reach out to support at , if you need any assistance. You can see highlights of the different releases below.

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