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Will manual checks/cash/in-kind donation entered into CDM+ be sent to eKyros?

No, eKyros will only pull online gifts.

Will Event transactions be seen in eKyros?

No, Event Registration payments in CDM+ will not be sent to eKyros.

Why am I not seeing a transaction in eKyros?

You will first want to process pending donations in your Process Pending Donations queue prior to pulling in your online gifts in eKyros. You can click on this article, , for steps on how to Process Pending Donations

A second reason might be that the transaction has not settled yet. You will only see settled transactions sent to eKyros. 

How are the donations matched to current donors in eKyros?

eKyros controls how the donations are matched in their system. For clarity, please reach out to eKyros' support team. 

If a transaction was in process before the migration and settled after the migration and I use the CDM+ connector, will I see the transaction in eKyros?


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