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Migrating from Stewardship to CDM+ in eKyros

Learn how to integrate eKYROS with CDM+ to smoothly import donations.If you previously used the Stewardship integration into eKYROS, you'll need to migrate to the CDM+ integration after you migrate to CDM+.

Choose a cut-over day when you will stop importing transactions from Stewardship and start importing from CDM+ instead. We recommend using the last day you imported from Stewardship.

For example, if you imported from Stewardship on November 1, 2022, you would import donations from CDM+ for November 2, 2022 forward.

If you import donations given in CDM+ using the Stewardship connector the donations may lack funds (designations) or other details.

Please move to the CDM+ connecter as soon as possible. You can safely import gifts given through Stewardship using the CDM+ connector.

Handling Duplicate Transactions

Use a specific cut-over date to avoid creating duplicates in eKYROS. If, however, you import transactions from the same day from both systems you could create duplicate transactions in the eKYROS CenterPiece Transaction Register.

If this happens, do not post the duplicate to the donor file. Instead, mark the duplicate transaction VOID.

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