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CDM+ 12.0

CDM+ 12.0 offers performance enhancements and interface polish, especially in Accounting.

Merge individuals to keep your data clean. Get right to work with optimized and smoother record windows.

Work with online deposits by jumping directly to their CDM+ records, and take one more to-do item off your list with automatic failed transaction processing.

CDM+ 12.0 has something for everyone. See below for an expanded list, and don't forget to check out the full release notes

System Requirements


  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 11 Big Sur
  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • macOS 13 Ventura

CDM+ 12.0 runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel.


  • Windows 10 x64 (1703 or later)
  • Windows 11 x64
  • Windows Server 2019 x64

macOS Monterey and M1 Macs

CDM+ 12.0 runs natively under macOS Monterey. If you have an M1 Mac with an Apple Silicon chip, CDM+ 12.0 runs natively, offering a performance enhancement throughout the entire applications.

Please note that only the CDM+ client is optimized for Apple Silicon. If you self-host your data, Suran Server will still run under emulation. We encourage you to move to CDM+ Data Hosting for optimal performance.


CDM+ 12.0 focuses on improving performance throughout the application. This was a top request from our 2020 feature survey which asked our client what they would like to see in the next version of CDM+.

Specific performance enhancements were made to:

  • Opening Record Windows
  • Loading and saving finds, especially Advanced Finds
  • User select/password entry before logging in
  • Deposit Processing
  • Updating databases

Record Windows

Record windows in CDM+ have received several enhancements.


Record frame window opening performance has been improved. In addition, a progress bar shows while windows open.


The results list on record windows can be made much smaller to fit smaller screens.


Saving changes to a record window now shows a progress overlay to smooth out transitions and redraws.

Standard Warning Message

Windows that include a warning message now use a standard footer for improved visibility and consistency.

Field Search

A CDM+ 11.0 feature that was removed in 11.1 and 11.2 for technical reasons is once again available. When the find field is the current field, simply begin typing a field name to drop down the field list and begin searching for the field you want.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation window in CDM+ 12.0 has received a significant upgrade.


  • Bank Reconciliation uses a standard sidebar to available options
  • Lists have been expanded to use available space
  • The window can now be stretched horizontally
  • The header can be hidden to provide more workspace
  • Sections can be resized to fit information better

Adding Entries

You can now add journal, check, and deposit entries directly from the Bank Reconciliation window. This makes is easy to add a missing entry during reconciliation without needing to move between Bank Reconciliation and Ledge Entry Records.

New entries are automatically cleared on the current bank reconciliation.

Changing Entries

You can now change an existing entry directly from the Bank Reconciliation window. This makes it easy to correct a mistake discovered during reconciliation.

Entries that cannot be change directly, such as posted entries or entries in a closed period, will display a warning message explaining why they cannot be changed.


Coming Soon

The final CDM+ 12.0 release will include the ability to import transactions from a CSV into a bank reconciliation to speed up the reconciliation process.



Building on CDM+ 11.1's ability to merge Giving Unit Records, CDM+ 12.0 adds the ability to merge two or more individual records together.

Select two or more records in these windows and click Merge in the side bar to begin the merge process.


You can now merge two or more payer records together. This is helpful if you only have one EIN but multiple payers for that EIN in your database.

Common Features

All merges will now only shows fields with different values on the field merge window. This improves performance and focuses only on key differences. If all fields match, this step can be skipped.

Ledger Entry Records

Accounts Payable Invoices has an updated design. The full vendor name and address is now available for the vendor, and the window offers a cleaner and easier to read layout. And expanded info panel allows viewing details and toggling 941 and 1099 settings.

Accounts Payable Invoices

Accounts Payable Invoices has an updated design. The full vendor name and address is now available for the payee, and the window offers a cleaner and easier to read layout.

Deposit Processing

Select a deposit and click Show Records in the window toolbar to view the supporting CDM+ Records for this deposit:

  • Contributions
  • Pending Contributions
  • Event Registration
  • Accounts Receivable Payment
  • Treasurer Reports
  • Women's Reports

This same jumps are available when viewing a posted Online Deposit in Ledger Entry Records.

Failed Transactions

Online transactions that fail will now be automatically handled.

Payer Notification

The payer will receive a notification about the failure and a reason for failure.

Staff Notification

Staff will receive a notification about the failure with a reason for the failure and details on how CDM+ was updated.

CDM+ Records

The corresponding CDM+ record will be updated accordingly:

Record TypeAction
ContributionReversed with a negative gift
Pending Contribution (un-processed guest gift)Marked as processed
Registration PaymentReversed with a negative payment
Accounts Receivable PaymentReversed with a negative payment
Women's ReportDeleted
Treasurer's ReportDeleted and returned to Process Treasurer Reports

Actual vs. Pledge

The Actual vs. Pledge report has been updated with consistent logic between the Detail, Composite, and Total options.

Report totals for the Total and Composite versions can be different in CDM+ 12 than in previous versions.

In CDM+ 11.2.x

  • The Total, Composite, and Detail reports all search for total giving by selecting the Giving Detail information that falls between the Pledge Begin Date and the Pledge End Date
  • Only the Detail report will look for Contributions that came after the Pledge end date and add that to the total giving

In CDM+ 12.0.x

  • All 3 reports will add Contributions to the Fund that came after the Pledge end date to the total giving

This means report totals will only match for the Detail report between 11.2.x and 12.0.x.

This also means the Consider Pledge Active option, which caused inconsistent report records, has been removed. 

Using the Actual vs. Pledge report in CDM+ 12.0...

Report Search

Date Selection NO CHANGE
All Gifts/From

Selecting all gifts will offer a date picking field, this will be the report ending date.

Selecting From will offer 2 date fields, a beginning date and ending date for the report.

This will effect what Giving Details that link to the Pledge Giving Fund will be totaled on the report. 


Selecting deposit will search Giving Details by the Deposit date, while selecting Contribution will search Giving Details by the Offering date. 

Pledge Giving Funds NO CHANGE

This is a list of Pledge Giving Funds. Select an item in this list to search. 

Report Options

Giving Unit Option NO CHANGE
Those With a Pledge 

This will require that a Giving Unit has made a Pledge to this Pledge Giving Fund. 

Include Projected

This will include Giving Units on the report that have a pledge marked as projected. 

Those Without a Pledge

This will include Giving Units that have made a contribution to the Pledge Giving Fund, but have not made a Pledge. 

Options CHANGES FROM 11.2
Show Line Numbers

Line numbers should appear on both composite and detail reports, and for the detail report, will number both the giving units and the breakdowns for each giving unit. 

Sort Order NO CHANGE
Combo Box

Select the value to sort on.


Sort report by the combo box selection ascending


Sort report by the combo box selection ascending

Report Type CHANGES FROM 11.2

The detail report will show the total of any Contribution(s) for a Giving Unit where the Deposit date or Offering date (depending on the date selection) is between the Pledge ending date and the report ending date that was contributed to the Pledge Giving Fund on the last line of breakdown for that Giving Unit. 


No change to appearance. 


No change to appearance. 

All Reports

Common logic was shared between the reports. The biggest change this added was how the reports determine the total giving for a Giving Unit on the report.

The logic for fetching that information is as follows, and is bugged for the detail report: 

For a Giving Unit with a Pledge:

The total giving is the sum of all the Giving Details that are linked to the Pledge for that Giving Unit, where the Giving Detail Offering Date or Deposit Date is between either the Report Start Date or the Pledge start date and the report ending date. 

The total giving after the pledge end date is determined as the total giving is the sum of all the Giving Details that are linked to the Pledge for that Giving Unit, where the Giving Detail Offering Date or Deposit Date is between the Pledge End Date and the Report End Date.

For a Giving Unit without a Pledge:

The total giving is the sum of all the Giving Details that are linked to the Pledge Giving Fund for that Giving Unit, where the Giving Detail Offering Date or Deposit Date is between the Report Start Date and the report ending date. 

Giving Unit Selection NO CHANGE
Current Code

Search on Giving Unit Current Code

Pending Code

Search on Giving Unit Pending Code


Specify a Code Range, this will limit the report to only show the Giving Units with codes that fall between this range, and meet other report option criteria

Multiple Genders

You can now assign multiple genders to an individual record, if desired.

There are no new built-in gender options in CDM+ 12.0. As in previous releases, FemaleMale, and Unknown are built-in gender options that cannot be changed. Also as in previous releases, you can add additional choices as demonstrated in the screenshot above. If desired, you can use only the three built-in options and only choose one for each individual as in previous releases.

Online Credentials

When creating an Engage account for an individual, a username will now be suggested based on the first and last name.

Engage Sources

Record sources throughout CDM+ now reflect Engage terminology instead of mixing WMT and Engage terms.

  • Stewardship Technology → Online Deposit
  • WMT → Engage
  • Online Giving → Engage
  • Online Recurring Giving → Engage

Employee Record Related Finds

You can now find Individual and Address records by searching linked Employee records. This requires access to view Employee records.

Payroll Checks

If including the Social Security Number field, you can now mask all but the last 4 digits of the number.

Sales Orders

Sales orders can now be paid by invoice. This will create an invoice to the customer's account to be paid later, such as online with Engage Billing.

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • You can now print from DOC Regional Ministry Position Records
  • A new status of Organizing Committee is now available


  • CDM+ 12.0 includes the latest, combined Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable package
  • CDM+ 12.0 on macOS is a universal binary
  • Icons are deployed as single SVG files instead of multiple PNGs to optimize install and uninstall time

Custom Versions

Diocese of Duluth

There is now a distinct Burial Date field to include on the Death Register.


Numerous enhancements have been made to facilitate the UCC Profiles Portal.

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