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Comparing CDM+ Donations to CoolFocus

There may be an occasion when you notice that a donation has not been integrated from CDM+ to CoolFocus. Common reasons why you are not seeing a donation in CoolFocus include:

  • It has not been settled yet. Only settled transactions will flow from CDM+ to CoolFocus. 

  • The donation is in the Process Pending Donation queue. Process Pending Donations is a way for you to manage one-time guest donations. It helps to prevent duplicate records from being created in CDM+. If you are utilizing this feature, you must process these donations, Process Pending Donations, in order for this transaction to flow into CoolFocus. If you have pulled transactions into CoolFocus before processing these donations, you may have a missing donation. 

  • A repair needed to be made to your data. Rarely there will be a case where we do not get all of the needed information from our payment process, Paragon, about a donation. When this happens, our team will need to run a repair on your account. If you have pulled donations into CoolFocus before the repair was completed you may have a missing transaction. 

If one or more of these situations occurs you can run a Custom Listing Report in CDM+ and compare it to Receipts by Date report in CoolFocus. If there are any missing donations you can work with CoolFocus or CDM+ Tech Support team to enter in these donations. 

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