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Year End in CDM+

Year end reporting is a critical process for any organization, and CDM+ is here to help make this task as smooth and accurate as possible.


CDM+ Year-End Webinar for Migrated Stewardship Clients

Email Updates

Beginning in mid-December we send out notices to call out useful help articles. If you haven't received any emails from us by December 20, 2022, please contact support to add your email to our distribution list. 

Year End Checklist

Below you will find a checklist PDF of CDM+ procedures to guide you through your year-end tasks. Use this checklist and time frames as suggestions only

Year End Checklist CDM+ Essentials.pdf

Process Pending Donations

Before generating statements, be sure to process pending contributions so that all donors receive acknowledgement of their gifts.

Process Pending Donations/Gifts

Merge Donor Records

If you have multiple records for the same donor, be sure to merge those records so the donor only receives one statement.

Merge Duplicate Donor Records

Prepare and Send Statements

Tax Receipts in Stewardship are called Giving Statements in CDM+.

Once your records are ready, it's time to send statements!

How to Generate and Publish Online Giving Statements

How to Print End of Year Giving Statements

Get Help

Have questions? We're here to help!

Tips for Getting Help

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