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Year-End Checklist

With more than three decades of experience, we're no strangers to the winding paths and unexpected obstacles that year-end tasks can bring. We've walked this road many, many times. We know what you need to know. Consider this January Survival Guide as your map and compass for the journey ahead. It is our hope that it will lead you through what can be a challenging month with a few less detours and delays. 

Below you'll find a checklist to keep you organized and on the right path, videos to help walk you through parts of the process, and much more.

You got this. We’re here if you need us though, every step of the way. Life’s an adventure. Grab your gear. Let’s go!


Helpful Articles and Videos

Enter all donations postmarked by Dec. 31st. All online donations will automatically be in CDM+. However, you will want to make sure you enter in any cash, check, or in-kind donations. 

Process Pending Donations. Donations that are in the Process Pending Donation queue are donations where someone made a one-time donation as a guest. You will want to process these donations to make sure these donations appear on their statements. 

Donor record review. This is a good time to review your donors' records for accuracy. We encourage you to look for a few of these details:

  • Merge duplicate donor records together. This will ensure that a donor's donations are all on a single statement.
  • Online Statements make it easy for donors to view and download their statement from their Engage account. You will want to verify that your donors have an Engage account.
  • Make sure that donors have the Email Statement box checked on their Donor record.

Make sure to send your Donation Statements to your donors by January 31st. 

CDM+ Essentials Year End Checklist.pdf

Tips for Getting Help in January

Each January our clients revisit annual tasks and often need help getting them completed before the end of the month. As such, the month of January is our busiest for support. We receive twice as many support requests during January as the other months of the year.

We’ve put resources together on this site to help you succeed in your January tasks, but we also stand ready to give you help when you need it. Our goal is to ensure we get you a great answer as soon as possible.

Here are some tips to help ensure you have the best experience possible when contacting us for help.

Open a ticket directly

Whether you use the Help Center, email, or call, you'll create a ticket in our support queue. The most direct path to our support team is using the Help Center.

  1. Click Contact Support in the lower right-hand corner of this page
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Submit

You'll get an email reply letting you know the ticket was created.

You can use this form to indicate your need is urgent. This will put your ticket towards the top of the queue.

You can also open a ticket by emailing us at with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your organization's name
  • Your callback number
  • Your availability

Share some details

If you have a screenshot, PDF report, or other example, you can include those in the Contact Support form or your email. The more details you provide, the faster we can help you get a solution.

Skip the line, even if you want a call

We're happy to work with you via phone, email, or both. If you would prefer a phone call, the fastest way to get on our call back queue is to open a ticket and let us know you prefer a callback.

Please know we endeavor to respond to requests within 8 business hours, which are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. If you request help within the last 8 business hours of the day, please let us know the next day and time you will be available as well.

We are always happy to speak with you if you call us at 800-633-9581. When you call, a receptionist will take your information and open a ticket for you. This ticket goes into the same queue that receives emails, so clicking Contact Support or emailing us to request a callback will skip the line to have a receptionist enter a ticket on your behalf.

Our support team will respond as soon as possible, following the order in which tickets were opened, regardless of if the ticket came from an the Help Center, email, or was created by a receptionist.

Schedule calls in advance

If you prefer a phone call and have limited availability or need special personnel present for your call, such as an IT person or CPA, try scheduling a callback. Calls are prioritized based on when they are received, so emailing us on a Tuesday to schedule a callback on a Thursday will prioritize your call ahead of any call requests that come in the day of the callback.

To schedule a callback, simply open a ticket with your name, organization name, phone number, and requested callback time. While we can’t guarantee the exact minute we’ll call you back, a scheduled call is much more predictable and can often arrive within a 30-minute window.

Save project calls for February

We never want to encourage you to not contact us for help. However, if you have a project that can wait until February and you expect to need our help, it may be preferable to wait until the January rush is over to begin the project. This will ensure you can get timely help and succeed in your work.

Please note there is no formal deadline for archiving. If you need help our support team's help when archiving we recommend focusing on other year-end tasks in January, then contact us for help with archiving in February.

Leave complete voicemails

We staff both extra receptionists and support technicians during January. If you prefer to have a receptionist create a callback ticket for you but are unable to reach a receptionist, please be sure to include ALL this information in your voicemail:

  • Your church or organization’s mailing zip code
  • Your church or organization’s name
  • Your church or organization’s city
  • Your name
  • Your callback number
  • Your email address
  • Your availability
  • A brief description of what you need help with

You can always email to request a callback as well.

In summary

We are ready and waiting to help you succeed in your January tasks. Our hope is these tips will help you succeed in January and get you complete solutions as quickly as possible.

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