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How to Create a Event Activity Report

You can create custom reports to see the information that you need to manage your event. 

Please follow the steps below to create an activity report to see what activities you attendees have registered for. 

  1. Click on Activities, under Event Registration Reports. 

  2. Under Search, use the drop-down box to select your event. 

  3. Next, click on Columns and then click on "Create Set".

  4. Give your report a name and then click on "Ok". 

  5. From here you can select which fields you would like to pull into the report. Below are a few recommendations. Once you have selected all the fields that you need, click on "Close."

Registration Number

Last Name

First Name

Registration Date


Activity Description


6.  Then, you can click on the "Configure Sorts and Totals" button to decide how you would like to organize this data.

7. One tip is to sort by Registration Number and then choose to Subtotal. This way if more than one attendee was registered together, you would be able to see them grouped together. 

8. Next, simply click on "Refresh" to preview your results and then you can export as you wish. 

You'll be able to use this report for any of your events going forward. 

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