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How to Create an Engage Admin

The majority of the tools an admin uses to manage their database are found in the CDM+ Desktop application. However, there are a few resources available to admins through their direct online Engage account. These resources include using Search Transactions, seeing Expiring Credit Cards, and being able to manage Online Statements. 

  1. To give Engage Admin permissions to a user, you first want to make sure that they have an Address and Individual record in CDM+. You can follow the steps in, How to Create a Donor to create these records. 

  2. From the Welcome to CDM+ window, click on Individual Record

  3. Next, set up a find to search for the record. Then, click to highlight the record you need and click on Change in the Online Credentials box. 

  4. Use the Role drop-down box to select Adminstrator and click on Ok

    5. Now when this admin logs into their online Engage account, they will have Administrative options from their Engage menu. 

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