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How to Create A Transaction Report

The Transaction Custom Listing and Export report differs from the Donation Custom Listing and Export report as it is pulling in the details specific to the whole transaction not the donation itself. The Transaction reports also pull in details for event payments which do not appear on a Donation Report. The Transaction reports have limited fields but they are great if you need to reconcile your bank statement to see both donations and event payments or to pull a cumulative report based on a status. 

  1. From the Welcome to CDM+ window, click on Transactions

  2. In the next window, determine your search criteria. You can first decide if you want to search by Transaction or Deposit  date. If you're looking for transactions that were made on a particular date, use Transaction Date. If you're wanting to reconcile your bank statement, search by Deposit Date. 

    You can also choose if you want to search on All Sources or click on Selected  and choose just the sources you want to see. 

    You can also choose if you want to search on All Statuses or click on Selected and choose just the statuses you want to see. Selecting a specific status may come in handy if you're looking for transactions that were recently refunded, declined, etc, and you only want to see those specific transactions. 

  3. After you choose your Search criteria, click on Columns from the left-hand side menu. Then, click on Create Set

  4. If a set already exist and you want to create a new one, click on the + button to add a new set. You can also change the fields in a set by following the sets in How to Modify the Fields in a Report Set.

  5. Give your report a name and click on OK

  6. You will then see a list of fields that you can choose from to pull into your report. You can double-click on a field or drag it to the Fields in Set column to choose your fields. Click on Close when you have selected all the fields that you need. Some fields we recommend to pull into this report are below: 
    1. Deposit ID
    2. Transaction Date
    3. Deposit Date
    4. Account Holder Description
    5. Gross Amount
    6. Fee Amount
    7. Net Amount
    8. Record Description
    9. Status

  7. Next, click on the Configure Sorts and Totals button. 

  8. Choose how you want to sort your report base on the data that you are looking for. If you're wanting to reconcile your bank statement, best practice is to sort first by Deposit Date, then by Deposit ID and choose to Subtotal by Deposit ID, and lastly by Transaction Date. Save all your changes at the bottom of the window. 

  9. Lastly you can click on Refresh to see a preview of your report. You then can print or export the report as you wish. 

    Your preferences will be saved after you create your report. The next time you want to run the same report you simply need to update your search criteria and click on Refresh, Print, or Export your report as you wish to bring in your new results. 

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